Welcome to our world, our joys, our sorrows and our fears. Our best and worse times but mostly welcome to ‘the’ safe haven – where there is no right or wrong and where we are free to just be.

We are ‘Natural, Intuitive, Neurotic and often Aggressive’, and we suffer from multiple personality disorder. To our dear ones, friends, readers, fans, enemies, acquaintances; we ask one thing of you: please DO NOT judge.

We have recklessly been trying to consolidate our personalities to create a whole entity, a complete persona – unfortunately we have come to the realization that we are too often incompatible or just darn right unwilling.

For our inevitable existence on this earth, Nina continues to underestimate the capacity and potential of Michèle. Conversely, Michele refuses to understand the delicate and forthright personality of Nina.

In a final attempt to reconcile their differences – NIMS, a creation of both Nina & Michèle was exposed a few years ago. It is under this identity that they are most often presented lately – and they feel that this is the epitome of the person they truly should be. From time to time, they suffer from oppression, suppression and over confidence; Michèle has learned to dominate and Nina understands that the innocence cannot be lost.

WE are yours to discover….

3 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Nina…
    Que de talent…
    Et je ne te le dis pas pas parce que je suis ton amie, je te le dis parce que je le pense et que je suis tous les jours surprise de découvrir toutes ces facettes de toi qui s’épanouissent à travers l’écriture…
    Tu as cette façon singulière de donner une vie et une identité propre à chacun de tes personnages, une manière claire mais amusante de décrire les lieux et les situations, un art qui t’est propre de jouer avec les mots et cette habileté à jongler malicieusement avec les singularités de Nina et les particularités de Michèle…
    J’espère vraiment que tu ne cesseras jamais d’écrire car ce serait dommage de ne pas montrer à tous ce grain de folie qui se bat avec ce zeste de génie qui te caractérisent et qui font que chacun de tes écrits est un pur délice.
    Luv u lil sis.


    • Nia!
      Merci du fond du coeur.
      What you don’t seem to realise is that you were one of my biggest inspirations and motivations. I don’t think I would have started if you hadn’t given me a little push. So as long as you keep sharing your talent, I believe I will share mine too.
      Much LUV


  2. All inhabited by too many characters, personalities, traits… great complexity, that once mastered, understood and accepted can bring out the best in us. Great entry, perfect introspect on the subject.
    touching – “we hear you all”


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