One month Nigga! One mother fing month, thats all we had, and yet, you have consumed over 5 years of my life and in the process almost broke me. One month versus five years? For what bruh? For what? Nothing but a goddam feeling of love and security, that lasted but ONE month.

But one is a number that identifies you so, it took you ONE month to approach me (after seeing me at a party), it took me ONE year to fall in love with you and it took us ONE month to destroy our relationship… Anyone reading this could do the quick math and say, thats one year and 2 months. But Noooo… Its ONE f*cking month in the xxx years that I have known you. It’s just that one month that I still talk about with so much emotion.

We met and we shared, we became friends. You serenaded me even when I pushed you away, you cajoled me into believing you were the one for me. Baby, you put yourself out there and I came jumping like I had it all. And one fine summer day, I fell in love with you. July 1st marked the beginning of a journey I never wanted to forget. But Nigga, ONE month? For real? By july 31st I had discovered it had all been a lie. My happiness, my love, my satisfaction; had lasted but one miserable month. And yet that one month was perhaps one of the most fulfilling times of my life – I guess time truly is relative.

One still symbolises you, one minute you want to be my ‘friend’ and the minute after you would rather I stayed away. We are ONE but we are not the same. One moment you can’t bare the thought of not having me in your life and one moment you act as if I never existed. One moment you want my happiness, but one moment you impede on anything or anyone who approaches me and can give me that. You are one heck of a conundrum.

Years later i still talk about it like it was yesterday, but ONE day nigga, ONE day… I wonder if you will ever really be a thing of the past? Am okay with you moving on. But Nigga, are you sure letting me go was the best decision? One day if you come back, would I take you back? Shiiettt, that day is gone; your no longer here, no one could have imagined that you would leave just like  that ONE day, in ONE accident, all alone at your wheel on the 1st day of the 1st month of what would have been our anniversary. One truly was you.  but I will always have that ONE… ONE LOVE



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